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The Trophy Bat of Wisconsin's First Baseball Tournament

Beloit Bat 1

Beloit Bat 2

Beloit Bat 3

Troy Kinumen published a 1994 monograph on the fascinating history of this baseball bat.

In the preface he wrote:

"The following pictures illustrate the 1867 Beloit baseball team tournament bat which as awarded to the Beloit Badgers in Wisconsin's first-ever state championship tournament. Upon researching auction catalogues,, dealer price guides and talking to many of the hobbies biggest dealers, I have concluded that this is the earliest dated piece of baseball memorabilia in the country. Its rarity only adds value to the fact that this bat is also the constitution of Wisconsin baseball. To put this bat in its historical perspective, this tournament was played 11 years before the Cincinnati Reds, America's firt professional team, was formed. The bat measures 40 inches and is made of rich rosewood with a beautiful hand-rubbed patina. There ware two intricately designed German silver bands wrapped around the bat. A silver nameplate with the inscription "First Prize-Baseball Tournament-Sept 1867" is placed below the second ring. A flowered design graces the bat's endplate."