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The Great Bambino

Babe Ruth 1919

George Herman "Babe" Ruth (1895-1948), a saloon-keeper's son born in Baltimore and an unruly street urchin at St.Mary's Industrial School, began his Major League career with the Boston Red Sox in 1914. When he left the game after 22 seasons, he owned 56 Major League records.

Such accomplishments in a sport obsessed with numbers and statistics ensured that the Ruth legend would continue long past his retirement and death.

"Writing about babe Ruth is akin to trying to paint a landscape on a postage stamp," mused New York Times sportswriter Arthur Daley two days after Ruth's death in 1948. "The man was so vast, so complex, and so totally incredible . . . " Time magazine said of him passing, "In the golden '20s, the years of the big names--the years of Dempsey, Tilden and Bobby Jones--Babe Ruth was the biggest draw of them all."