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Memories From The Ball Diamond

Peshtigo Times

Whenever I travel, I love to buy newspapers of the small towns where I am passing through. Last summer, my family and I cruised up to Escanaba and we stopped in Peshtigo where I picked up a copy of the Peshtigo Times. On the sports page I noticed something cool--there was a inset called "Memories From The Ball Diamond" and it listed baseball highlights in the community going back 50 years, decade by decade.

My first thought was what an incredibly rich history of baseball being played in this small northwoods town. And then something else occurred to me: it would be possible for three generations of ball players to have their baseball achievements featured on the same sports page. First, grandpa and then the dad a couple decades later and then the grandson gets mentioned in the regular news section for a great play in yesterday's game.

Or it is just simply cool to be able to open up the sports page of your hometown newspaper and read a brief summary about your grandfather making an epic play in a game that happened 50 years ago.

I like to think that something similar could be possible with Playmaker Journal; that someday a kid will find these pocket-sized scorebooks stashed somewhere in the house and he pulls them out and asks his dad about them. They sit down and page through them and his father recounts the games and the stories pour out. And the kid has a written record of it all right there in his hands.