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Major League Baseball Nicknames From Each Decade

Baaseball nicknames

When scoring a baseball or softball game in Playmaker Journal, use the players' nicknames. You will remember their given names and their family names but the game is much more memorable when you include the nicknames. And that is what you want to do: capture those fleeting memories at the ball park. A nickname can stick with a person for a lifetime. Other ones come and go. Some nicknames are only for just for a season, either way--write them down.


Baseball has a long, long tradition of nicknames. Here is a list decade-by-decade of some good ones.



Mordecai [Three Finger] Brown

George [Babe] Ruth

[Shoeless] Joe Jackson

Walter [the Big Train] Johnson

Ty [the Georgia Peach] Cobb

Frank [Ping] Bodie

Denton [Cy] Young

Roger [Doc] Kramer

Frank [Mysterious] Walker

Max [Scoops] Carey

Honus [the Flying Dutchman] Wagner

George [Piano Legs] Gore

Eddie [Knuckles] Cicotte

James [Hippo] Vaughn

Charley [Old Hoss] Radbourn

Eugene [Bubbles] Hargrave

Christy [Big Six] Mathewson

[Wahoo] Sam Crawford

Herold [Muddy] Ruel

Adrian [Cap] Anson

John [Happy Jack] Chesbro


THE 1920s

Charles [Chief] Bender

Robert [Lefty] Grove

Paul [Big Poison] Waner

Lewis [Hack] Wilson

Rogers [Rajah] Hornsby

Harold [Pie] Traynor

[Poosh 'em Up] Tony Lazzeri

Hazen [Kiki] Cuyler

Aloysius [Bucketfoot Al] Simmons

George [High Pockets] Kelly

Mickey [Black Mike] Cochrane

Leo [the Lip] Durocher

Leon [Goose] Goslin

Waite [Schoolboy] Hoyt

Charles [Red] Ruffing

Frederick [Firpo]  Marberry

William [Judy] Johnson

Norman [Turkey] Stearnes

Lou [Iron Horse] Gehrig

Grover Cleveland [Old Pete] Alexander


THE 1930s

Joe [Ducky] Medwick

James [Cool Papa]  Bell

Joe [Flash] Gordon

Vernon [Lefty] Gomez

Johnny [Pepper] Martin

Jay [Dizzy] Dean

Paul [Daffy] Dean

Jimmie [Double X] Foxx

Frankie [the Fordham Flash] Frisch

Henry [Heinie] Manush

Johnny [the Big Cat] Mize

Clarence [Dazzy] Vance

Joseph [Arky] Vaughan

Harry [Cookie] Lavagetto

Ted [Double Duty] Radcliffe

LeRoy [Satchel] Paige

George [Birdie] Tebbetts

Ray [Hooks] Danridge

George [Twinkletoes] Selkirk

Charley [Chinski] Root

John [Jocko] Conlan

Howard Earl [Rock] Averill


THE 1940s

Elwin [Preacher] Roe

Ted [the Splendid Splinter] Williams

Edwin [Duke] Snider

Stan [the Man] Musial

Virgil [Fire] Trucks

Bob [Rapid Robert] Feller

Harold [Pee Wee] Reese

Tommy [Old Reliable] Henrich

Mel [Wimpy] Harder

Marty [the Octopus] Marion

Harry [the Cat] Brecheen

Albert [Red] Schoendienst

Enos [Country] Slaughter

Ernest [Tiny] Bonham

Lawrence [Crash] Davis

Walter [Hoot] Evers

Phil [Scooter] Rizzuto

Ewell [the Whip] Blackwell

Sylvester [Blix] Donnelly

Granville [Granny] Hammer

[Steady] Eddie Lopat

Charlie [King Kong] Keller


THE 1950s

Bill [Moose] Skowron

Willie [the Say Hey Kid] Mays

Lawrence [Yogi] Berra

Henry [Hammerin’ Hank] Aaron

Edward [Whitey] Ford

Billy [the Kid] Martin

Orestes [Minnie] Minoso

Ernie [Mr. Club] Banks

Don [Popeye] Zimmer

Wilmer [Vinegar Bend] Mizell

[Puddin’ Head] Willie Jones

James [Dusty] Rhodes

Luis [Yo-Yo] Arroyo

Sal [the Barber] Maglie

Frank [Taters] Larry

Harvey [the Kitten] Haddix

Roy [Squirrel] Sievers

Joe [Goofy] Adcock

Felix [the Cat] Mantilla

Frank [Pig] House

Norm [Smiley] Siebern

Mickey [the Commerce Comet] Mantle


THE 1960s

[Sudden] Sam McDowell

Ken [Haw] Harrelson

Johnny [Blue Moon] Odom

Octavio [Cookie] Rojas

Jimmy [the Toy Cannon] Wynn

Willie [Stretch] McCovey

Gene [Stick] Michael

Derrel [Bud] Harrelson

Jim [Mudcat] Grant

Tom [Terrific] Seaver

Clarence [Choo Choo] Coleman

Pete [Charlie Hustle] Rose

Jim [Kitty] Kaat

Bob [Buck] Rodgers

Orlando [Baby Bull] Cepeda

Clay [Dimples] Dalrymple

Bob [Beetle] Bailey

John [Boog] Powell

Albert [Sparky] Lyle

Dick [the Monster] Radatz

Elijah [Pumpsie] Green

Juan [the Dominican Dandy] Marichal


THE 1970s

Mark [the Bird] Fidrych

Reggie [Mr. October] Jackson

Al [the Mad Hungarian] Hrabosky

Willie [Pops] Stargell

Dave [Cobra] Parker

Bill [Spaceman] Lee

Carlton [Pudge] Fisk

Mike [the Human Rain Delay] Hargrove

John [the Count] Montefusco

Fred [Chicken] Stanley

Phil [Scrap Iron] Garner

Bill [Mad Dog] Madlock

Rich [Goose] Gossage

Albert [Sparky] Lyle

Ron [the Penguin] Cey

Rick [Rooster] Burleson

Dick [Dirt] Tidrow

Dave [Kong] Kingman

Jim [Catfish] Hunter

Greg [the Bull] Luzinski

Russell [Bucky] Dent

Rusty [Le Grand Orange] Staub


THE 1980s

Steve {Bye Bye] Balboni

Ozzie [the Wizard of Oz] Smith

Mike [Hit Man] Easler

Dennis [Oil Can] Boyd

Lenny [Nails] Dykstra

Fred [Crime Dog] McGriff

Will [the Thrill] Clark

Tim [Rock] Raines

Orel [Bulldog] Hershiser

Greg [Mad Dog] Maddux

Howard [HoJo] Johnson

Aurelio [Senor Smoke] Lopez

[Sweet] Lou Whitaker

Don [Donnie Baseball] Mattingly

William [Mookie] Wilson

Charles [Chili] Davis

Cecil [Big Daddy] Fielder

George [Storm] Davis

Steve [Bedrock] Bedrosian

Lonnie [Skates] Smith

Steve [Rainbow] Trout

Hensley [Bam Bam] Meulens


THE 1990s

Andres [Big Cat] Galarraga

Randy [Big Unit] Johnson

Roger [Rocket] Clemens

Frank [the Big Hurt] Thomas

Juan [Gone] Gonzalez

David [Boomer] Wells

Rich [El Guapo] Garces

Jay [Bone] Buhner

[Everyday] Eddie Guardado

Ken [Junior] Griffey

Calvin [Pokey] Reese

Mariano [Mo] Rivera

Mark [Big Mac] McGuire

Gregory [Woody] Williams

Ivan [Pudge] Rodriguez

William [Buck] Showalter

Kenny [the Gambler] Rodgers

Antonio [El Pulpo] Alfonseca

Mitch [Wild Thing] Williams

Jeff [the Barbarian] Conine

Leon [Bip] Roberts

Tom [Flash] Gordon


THE 2000s

David [Big Papi] Ortiz

Alex [A-Rod] Rodriguez

Larry [Chipper] Jones

Orlando [El Duque] Hernandez

Luis [Gonzo] Gonzalez

Travis [ Pronk] Hafner

Kevin [Shrek] Mench

Francisco [K-Rod] Rodriguez

Dontrelle [D-Train] Willis

Kenji [Jo Moma] Johjima

Pat [the Bat] Burrell

Covelli [Coco] Crisp

Barry [Planet] Zito

Joe [Cupcakes] Blanton

Dmitri [Da Meat Hook] Young

Carlos [El Caballo] Lee

Ryan [Mad Dog] Madson

Hideki [Godzilla] Matsui

Gary [Little Sarge] Matthews

[Super] Joe McEwing

Ernest [Junior] Spivey

Aubrey [Huff Daddy] Huff