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Keeping Score: The Novel

Linda Sue Park Keeping Score

Book design: it can be genius and elegant or cringe-worthy. I've heard of horror stories of authors that labored for years on a manuscript for it to be published and packaged with an idiotic cover that has no relevance to the story and the overall design is ham-fisted and moronic. But other book covers and designs are home runs and there are some that certainly fall in the middle.

The above photo is the inside cover of the novel, Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park. Loading both the front and back inside covers of the book with a handwritten baseball score sheet was a brilliant move in the design of the book.

The book is about Maggie, a girl that doesn't play ball but knows the game inside and out. She is a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and it mostly a story about baseball, life in the 1950s with the Korean War in the background, and the ups and down of being a fan. I highly recommend the book for young readers that love baseball.