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How the Cubs Became the Cubs

Wrigley Field

The Chicago National League club was known as the White Stockings for a time after the National League was established in 1876. Then Charley Hoyt wrote a play for Cap Anson, the manager of the team, calling it "A Runaway Colt," and subsequently the team was called Anson's Colts.

The nickname was discarded in 1898, after Anson's career as manager had ended, and then the team was called the Orphans because the team had lost its longtime captain.

Then a Chicago newspaper held a contest to select a new name. The term Cubs was chosen, but as other newspapers ignored the name at first, it was some time before the new nickname came into general use. Fred Hayner, the late sports editor of the Chicago Daily News, was among the first to use the name of the Cubs.