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Four Great Umps From the Early Days

Umpires 1916

Ernie Quigley, Tom Connolly, Hank O'Day, and Bill Dinneen formed a stellar umpiring lineup that oversaw the World Series between Boston and Brooklyn. O'Day and Dinneen had both been Major League pitchers, and all four highly respected umpires went on to have decades-long careers.

The foursome also witnessed significant history on the job: in 1903, Connolly and O'Day were on duty for the first Wold Series; O'Day was behind the plate for the 1908 Giants-Cubs contest that culminated infamously with Merkle's Boner (he ruled hours later that New York had not won but that the game had officially ended in a tie); Quigley worked the scandalous Black Sox World Series in 1919; and in 1933, Dinneen was selected to umpire baseball's first All-Star Game. When Connolly retired from the field in 1931, he became the American League's first umpire supervisor. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame as an umpire in 1953.