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Evolution of the National Pastime

Staten Island baseball

As baseball transformed America's sporting scene, the country's resorts took notice. Horse-racing venues, such as the seaside St. George grounds on New York's Staten Island, was home to the Metropolitan Club, offering daily afternoon ball games and "A Breathe of Fresh Air For 10 Cents."

In the 1870s, the gentleman's game of polo was played within a section of grassy parkland situated near the northeast corner of Central Park in Manhattan, and by 1880, professional baseball was played on the grounds as well.

In 1883, manufacturing magnate and New York Gothams owner John B. Day built a baseball park on adjoining lands on 110th Street and Fifth Avenue. Dubbed the Polo Grounds, the home of the Gothams (later the Giants), Yankees and Metropolitans would become one of the game's most storied venues.