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Elysian Fields, 1859

Elysian Fields

As lower Manhattan filled with new immigrants, new streets, new businesses and new buildings, base-ballers sought greener, quieter pastures beyond the city's bounds. They found a home across the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey, where open lands beckoned a ferry ride away.

The Elysian Fields grounds became a popular destination for participants and spectators enjoying both the sport and respite from city stress. Harper's Weekly, the nation's leading pictorial journal, published companion illustrations of cricket and baseball matches played at Elysian Fields in its October 15, 1859 issue.

It included the following thoughts:

"Our advice to all who wish to understand these games is, to go and see them played, and after that to learn them on the field. They will thus not only be enabled to understand the accounts in the newspapers but will likewise develop their muscles and improve their stamina."