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12 Basic Tips For Better Batting

Batting Advice

  • Keep the bat back in position to hit once the pitcher gets into pitching position on the mound.
  • Make sure that you are the proper distance from the plate; this is important.You can regulate this properly by extending your arms so that the end of your bat reaches a few inches across the far side of home plate.
  • Use a somewhat high stance with the bat for it is much easier to swing at low pitches from this position than it would be to hit at high pitches from a low batting stance.
  • The best pitchers will tell you that the batter with the short stride is the hitter who is hard to fool with the pitch.
  • Very little weight is placed on the forward stride, which enables the hitter to adjust his position according to the direction of the pitch when necessary.
  • Combine all of the wrist and forearm action at your command just at the tie of impact of ball and bat.
  • Swing your hips into action as you pivot and make a complete follow through.
  • In some cases such as the home run hitter, the follow through may finish on the upswing, but try to keep your swing as level as possible. Never develop a down swing.
  • If the batter fails to watch the pitcher carefully he is apt to hit more at the pitcher's motion than at the ball.
  • Remember that a high fast pitch is the most difficult to bunt.
  • Knowing how to swing and when to swing is an important part of hitting.
  • Arms, eyes, legs, wrists all contribute their share in the making of a good hitter.